Birthday & Star Sign:

5 June | Libra

Occupation/Current Study: 

Studying dance full-time

Number of Seasons with the Wildcats: 


Favourite Quote:

"Don't wish for it; work for it!"

Favourite Movie:

High School Musical! I love all three, but the second one is probably my favourite. It's crazy how my favourite movies basketball team is also known as the "Wildcats", so I'm living out two of dreams in one!

Favourite thing about Perth and why?

After living in Melbourne for the past two years, coming
back to Perth always feels like home. I love the close-knit community of Perth and I appreciate the less amount
of traffic, too! The weather is amazing and our beaches
are the best. And of course, I love being back with all
my family and friends!

TK _0377.jpg


Why did you choose to become a Wildcats Dancer? 

It has always been a dream job of mine, but I just had to wait until
I was older enough to attend the audition, and it would be such an

amazing opportunity being a part of a reputable group of dancers,

supporting such a successful team.

My friends would say my best qualities are:

I'm passionate, hardworking, outgoing, dedicated
and that i'm a peoples person.

During the off-season I... 

I dance, work, eat, sleep and repeat; but I love it! I dance all year round, whether that be at classes, workshops or auditions; I just love to keep learning and growing wherever I can. I also work for a children's entertainment company, where I get to work as all of my favourite childhood characters.
I do meet and greets, shows, and craft activities -
entertaining children all year round!

My dance idol is:

I have many dance inspirations, but Mia Michaels, Ricky Jinks and Mitchell Woodcock are a few of my biggest idols. I have been lucky enough to take class from them all, and each of them left me feeling so inspired and gave me advice I have since taken on board!

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? 

To teleport, so I could travel the world and take class anywhere! I would love to be able to teleport direct to an audition overseas or just go and see some of my favourite places and closest friends all over the world.

My hobbies outside of dancing are:

When I'm not dancing (which isn't very often), I love to watch sport,
and formula one is definitely one of my favourites. I love anything to
do with cars! I also love to travel, and I have a long list of places
I want to travel to, which I will hopefully cross off with time!

Dream holiday destination: 

The Maldives is somewhere I would love to travel to. The Instragram photos would be amazing and no filter would be needed, that's for sure.

Future aspirations and why:

To keep dancing and share my knowledge with the future generation of dancers, so they can hopefully be inspired and take on my advice to
take with them during their careers.

Fun fact about me:

I was born in London, and moved to Perth when I was four.

My advice for young dancers:

To keep dancing, keep learning and keep loving what you do. We are so lucky to dance as our passion and to have the opportunity to turn what we love into a career. Never give up on your dreams and say "yes" to every opportunity that comes your way; you never know where it may take you. Also, be kind and respectful to everyone you meet because you never know who's going to be on the other side of an audition panel one day.