Birthday & Star Sign:

5 October | Libra

Occupation/Current Study: 


Number of Seasons with the Wildcats: 


Favourite Quote:

"If plan A fails there are still 25 other letters in the alphabet".

Favourite Movie:

The Parent Trap.

Favourite thing about Perth and why?

I love the quietness of Perth and how relaxing it can be. During summer, I absolutely love to spend time at our beaches soaking up the sun.

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Why did you choose to become a Wildcats Dancer? 

The atmosphere on game night is like nothing else and supporting
such an incredible club is an amazing experience.
I also love to inspire younger dancers. 

My friends would say my best qualities are:

Making other’s smile and laugh and always bringing
that positive vibe anywhere that I go.

During the off-season I... 

I’m still dancing!

My dance idol is:

Michael Jackson

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? 



My hobbies outside of dancing are:

I love to spend time with my friends, whether it be going out
for breakfast or having a girls’ night in watching movies.

Dream holiday destination: 

Las Vegas!

Future aspirations and why:

To be happy in anything I do!

Fun fact about me:

I recently travelled solo through Mexico and loved it!

My advice for young dancers:

Work hard in dance class to be able to grow as a dancer; don’t compare yourself in class to other people but use that time to become the best dancer you can be! Going to dance class is so very important for you as an individual!