Birthday & Star Sign:

19 December | Sagittarius

Occupation/Current Study: 

I am currently a retail assistant and brand
ambassador for Forever New clothing.

Number of Seasons with the Wildcats: 


Favourite Quote:

"Practise like you've never won; perform like you've never lost".

Favourite Movie:Any of the Harry Potter movies.

Favourite thing about Perth and why?

I love Perth because my family and friends
are here and our beaches are amazing!

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GET TO KNOWValentina

Why did you choose to become a Wildcats Dancer? 

I chose to become a Wildcats dancer because it is an incredible experience for a dancer in Perth, and absolutely nothing compares to performing in front of 13,000 incredible Red Army fans every week.

My friends would say my best qualities are:

My friends would say I am loyal, passionate, a hard worker, not afraid to stand-up for what I believe in, as well as standing up for my friends/family/teammates; I'm someone who wears their heart on their selves.

During the off-season I... 

During the off-season, I continue my dance training, do pilates and

go to the gym as much as I can to keep in shape. I also enjoy going

to the beach and reading when I can.

My dance idol is:

My dance idol has always been my sister, Jacquelina;
she constantly inspires me to do better.

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? 

My super power would be teleportation.


My hobbies outside of dancing are:

My hobbies outside of dancing are pilates reformer,
going to the beach and reading.

Dream holiday destination: 

My dream holiday destination is Greece.

Future aspirations and why:

My dream holiday destination is Greece.

Fun fact about me:

I drink at least 3-4 cups of tea a day.

My advice for young dancers:

My advise to young dancers is to avoid "marking" in class. The more times you push yourself to perform flat our in class (expression and all), the easier it will be to perform on stage, because the routine will become muscle memory.